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a first-rate architect, dom embraced new BIM design workflows, energy modelling, and data management, acquiring skills and operational expertise in Revit, Vectorworks and IFC software over two decades.

Passing out of Cambridge in a progressive era when Colin St John Wilson, Joseph Rykwert, Robin Middleton, Nick Bullock, Eric Parry, Mohsen Mostafavi, Peter Cook, Nick Hare, Nick Ray, Peter Sparks, Peter Carl, Frosso Pimenides, Robin Spence, Catherine Cooke, Brenda Vale, Marciel Echenique and Bob Allies led the academic coursework and studio teaching. Written work was as important to the pedagogy as creative individuation processes, which were founded in the situational analysis of an architectural brief, its humanist and aesthetic exposition.

dom studied jugendstil, flemish renaissance, the classical polis, passive environmental adaptations of the Roman and the Persian traditions, Jaques Heyman’s structural repair of Ely Cathedral, technology migration in the developing world, and Wittgenstein’s modernist house at Vienna (dubbed by Dalibor Vesely a “tomb for culture”!)

Working widely across a range of sectors in several regions worldwide, notable influencers are Tom Young, Lisa Shell, Mark Stephens, John McAslan, Amyas Connell, Tim Vaulkhard, Manmit Jabal, Lisette Khalastchi, John Winter, Daphne Becket, Dean la Tourelle and Francis Kéré.

recent work includes an Uptime Tier III data centre, a NetZero PassivHaus, a community hospital in the Maasai Mara, a forest centre for the Wangari Muthai Trust, Covid-safe school design adaptations, and a basket of competition entries.

partnering with vectorprojects kenya and Kenya’s Architectural Association, bim proficiency is the mission-critical path for the east african region, raising the bar of design practice, rapid urbanisation, and the drive for excellence in project delivery.

RIBA & ARB accredited, Dominic continues to offer an unbeatable quality service at the lowest possible rate.

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